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Monorail Electrocoat System


Our monorail system is black cathodic epoxy electrocoat. Cathodic epoxies are the benchmark for corrosion resistance, throwpower, and operational reliability. The process utilizes a monorail for parts transfer through an eleven (11) stage pretreatment system for parts cleaning (including a micro crystal zinc phosphate stage), an electrocoat bath (using PPG 6000 OEM approved paint), post rinses, dehydration tunnel, curing ovens, and load and unload areas.

The monorail line has a unique, universal part rack for conveyance through the process. It is configured in a flexible manner that facilitates simultaneous production of different sizes and shaped parts in different rack locations for multiple customers. The maximum part size of 42x48x72 inches, which is advantageous to our customers when a quick turnaround is required.

In the Cathodic electrocoat process a DC rectifier applies a positive electrical charge to paint particles suspended in a bath of non-conductive water. The positively charged paint particles are drawn to the negatively grounded part, resulting in their deposition. At coating thickness, the film insulates the part so attraction stops and electrocoating is complete.

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