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Lab/PAP/Process Control                                                                                         

Laboratory & PPAP

Product verification is an integral part of Midwest II's Quality System. Our fully equipped in-house testing laboratory utilizes the latest technology in performance testing for ongoing process validation and part submission packages. With traditional salt spray and humidity testing gradually being replaced in favor of cyclic corrosion testing, Midwest II has expanded our evaluation capabilities to include a computer controlled cyclic corrosion chamber.


PPAP testing is included in our part activation program for automotive related specifications. Comprehensive PPAP results are prepared and submitted for customer approval.

Process Control

Today’s Automotive market demands consistency in product appearance and performance. Much of Midwest II's success can be attributed to our dedication to maintaining tight process controls throughout all operations. Our customers have come to expect day-in and day-out consistency in product performance, appearance, and packaging. Midwest II's pretreatment and electrocoat systems are monitored, adjusted, and maintained by a dedicated team of experienced professionals, applying practical processing techniques to assure consistency in the finished product.

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