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Delivery/Lead Time/Scheduling                      

Midwest will work closely with you to meet your needs. It is possible, on hot parts, to obtain as few as a four or five hour turnaround if you have an expeditor truck bringing parts to Midwest and waiting for them. We intend to operate as an extension of your facility, and usually E-Coat is the last step prior to your delivering parts to your customer. We will work closely with you to make the E-Coat processing as smooth as possible.


Midwest issues production schedules twice daily, once for the day shift and once for the afternoon shift. We prepare the schedule using our WIP inventory system, FIFO planning, along with customer faxes, electronic releases and phone calls on requirements. The outbound trucking schedules are also determined based on the production scheduling. Good and timely communication between your Production Control personnel and Midwest’s Material Control and Customer Service Department is important in our efforts to satisfy customer requirements.

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